PuriBag Water Purifier Camping System Review


First off, let’s talk about the . It’s designed for hiking, survival, travel, backpacking, and emergency preparedness, and let me tell you, it absolutely delivers on that promise. The PuriBag is a portable filter and purifier that’s perfect for water storage and traveling, and it can hold a hefty 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of water. Plus, it’s lightweight – it weighs only half a pound – and comes with a convenient carry handle design.

Design and Quality

The PuriBag’s design is both practical and efficient. The collapsible container is easy to hang and provides 10 liters of safe water in just 30 minutes. The built-in carbon-filter not only ensures the safety of your water but also significantly improves its taste and odor. This feature alone makes PuriBag stand out in the crowded field of portable water purifiers.

Key Features and Functionality

The PuriBag turns dirty water into fresh, potable water using P&G Purifier of Water Packets, which were developed in collaboration with the CDC and are registered with the EPA. These packets are included with each PuriBag purchase. To use, simply fill the pouch with dirty water, add one packet of P&G, agitate the water for 5 minutes, and wait for 25 minutes for the debris to settle at the bottom of the bag. Then, voila – you have fresh, safe drinking water!

Comparison with Similar Products

Compared to other portable water purification systems, the PuriBag outshines its competitors with its fast operation, ease of use, and exceptional quality of purified water. Most other systems require pumping or squeezing, but with PuriBag, it’s as simple as filling, shaking, and waiting.

Pros and Cons

The pros of the PuriBag are numerous. It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to use, and it provides a large amount of clean, fresh-tasting water quickly. Plus, it’s perfect for a variety of outdoor activities and emergency situations.

The main con would be that it’s unable to filter salt water. However, this limitation is common to most portable water purification systems and shouldn’t be a significant drawback unless you specifically need a desalination solution.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Many users have praised the PuriBag for its effectiveness and convenience. Francisco, for example, gave it four stars and mentioned that while he would have preferred a larger carbon filter, he believes there’s nothing better available at the moment. Other users have reported that the PuriBag works perfectly even with very muddy water, and they’ve found it easy to clip and open to remove any leftover dirt before drinking. Some users reported issues with the filter clogging, but found that it could be cleaned and reused.

Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of your PuriBag, remember to keep extra P&G Purifier of Water packets on hand. Each PuriBag comes with 12 packets, but depending on your usage, you may run out and need to purchase more. Also, if you’re using the PuriBag with very silty or muddy water, remember to clean the filter after each use to prevent clogging.

FAQ Section

  • Can the PuriBag filter fresh water from salt water? No, it’s not designed to handle salt water.
  • How many bags come in an order? Each order includes one PuriBag and 12 P&G purifier packets.
  • Is the PuriBag reusable? Yes, the bag itself can be reused. You will eventually need to purchase more P&G Purifier of Water packets once you run out.


In summary, the PuriBag Water Purifier Camping System is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a portable water purification solution. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and effective at transforming dirty water into safe, drinkable water quickly. The included P&G Purifier of Water packets ensure that the water not only meets World Health Organization (WHO) standards for safety but also tastes fresh and clean.

While the PuriBag does have its limitations – it cannot filter salt water, for example – these are minor in comparison to the system’s many benefits. Based on user reviews and my own experience, I can confidently recommend the PuriBag to outdoor enthusiasts, frequent travelers, and anyone in need of a reliable emergency water purification system.  Check out the PuriBag on Amazon here.

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